Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Firebox finale with ACME art

A very successfull three days were spent at a half term school art room venue, nine artist sought to tackle different methods to expand their artistic vocabulary. Well away from comfort zones and conventional brushes the focus was on the mobility of pigment in mediums, persuading the colour and tone to prescribed fields and with designed bleeds. It was never going to be easy and the journey proved demanding at times. With a steep learning curve connected to great enthusiasm much was achieved and as per plan we shared the personal gains among the group. Along with sweet cakes and buckets of paint the days were just brilliant.    

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A light touch

The nurturing of a light touch is worth while.
This is a lightening scribble on a primed canvas prior to starting work and it is so expressive. Carefulness is the ruination of good drawing.
It is simply a figure in the shower within a larger work about washing and dressing.
Some days are for plodding some for skipping.
Art is not Labour.

Friday, October 9, 2009


As Firebox comes to a close I am left with one subject: Faith & Luck

They are really mutually exclusive, and as I wanted to express faith, and by extension how it is different to luck. I needed to communicate an aspect of 'grounding' that faith in God delivers. Now, it is of increasing interest to me how one translates a sensation or a belief into a paintable symbol that will stand alone and communicate meaning while being unmistakably fine art, as apposed to an illustration or a sign.
The piece above is a step in that journey, hoping that the contemplation of this symbol will communicate 'grounding'
Time will tell

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Building websites

As a working artist I do find that times change very quickly and the way I need to interact with clients constantly evolves. This revised site is designed to allow artist, follower and client to communicate more and more. Web media is exciting to work on and updating will keep my new work and ideas to the forefront.
The way we want to show pictures and drawings to clients and followers is also evolving. Rather that the old 'exhibition' that worked for us in the past we will in the future show smaller selections to smaller groups by appointment. Broad selections can be made online but seeing the work first hand is essential for a true appreciation of the piece.
follow the events link above to find out more.