Monday, November 23, 2009

The Car

For my first day in the new work I retrieved this drawing, one that never saw the development it deserved, so I was pleased to give it some time today. The fact that we spend so much time in 'cars' today made the image worth another look and a new treatment. Car in the Archaic use of the word is a chariot, carriage, or cart, a vehicle for kings and warriors. This angle appealed to me more than the Ford Focus or some other more expensive machine, so my 'car' is a classical hybrid concept of my own making and a suitable carrier for my 'family'.
The painting will be 1.2M x 09M and a canvas was selected and an underpainting laid down. Next a sketch in charcoal based on the earlier drawing but now in a corrected format, followed by another oil sketch this afternoon as a basis for development.

This is the Charcoal sketch that at the moment will form the basis of the new painting, in reality it should be a sort of launching cradle that will fall away as painting proceeds.

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