Thursday, November 5, 2009

hunting unicorns

The unicorn is a mythical beast and not easily found.
the symbol for 'body and soul' is in the same category, elusive. 

For two days now I have planned and practiced a circle and a square.
selected, deselected and reselected colours' what colour wash goes under - what colour wash goes over, drawn and redrawn the shapes

in the picture above - on the left -  is a satisfactory draft, it is I have to admit, part of two painting pasted together. But it pleased me. Have I cornered a unicorn?
eight sheets of Hot pressed Arches paper are ready, 
can I pin the image down.

now it is 7.00pm   
. . . . just one may be acceptable
if it looks okay in the morning I'll post on 'new release'

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