Saturday, November 7, 2009

work in progress

Like the previous post, these two black paintings come from my Spanish Sketchbook, they are about 40cm sq and I have made some wood and copper frames to match the pencil scribble that I had put around the sketch. The initial blocking in was with four colours and I had them at one side for some time, not knowing what to do next.

Looking elsewhere is of little help, I have to look within. I put one on the easel and begin to paint. After a few false starts this morning I applied only two variations of existing colours, an orange adjacent to the cadmium deep red and some cerulean to modify the existing blue. Choices and placement are not recipe or design but are a probing in the dark as I find solutions. 

I paint the frames black and approve. I will leave them for a few days and meditate on the way forward.

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