Friday, December 4, 2009

new watercolour

Here is a new test.
Having made the new composition on Thursday, I wondered how a coloured draft would look.
This watercolour is about 45cm square on some stretched Arches paper.
I knew today and tomorrow has only patches of time available for work so this would fit in well with this medium as it benefits from drying well between layers.
Over three sessions I have managed this much.
It is drawn in HB pencil and I made revisions to the figures as I worked, making heads smaller and adjusting bodies.
I modeled the figures and coloured the grass. Both the sky and the water will be dark and this will change everything.
This work is in distinct contrast to yesterday when attack was the order of the day.
I love such variation, I love watercolour like this when it is possible.
My moods and circumstance seem to govern that possibility.

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