Thursday, February 25, 2010

Countdown to open day 02

the big picture

I found this picture in an archived file, circa 1992. People looking at some pretty big pictures. Now it seems people like big pictures, over the years big pictures have sold well. To-day a client came for a preview and bought something he could not get in his car and could I sort delivery, naturally I said I could!
One woman I recall bought a large picture for a considerable sum and promptly tied it on top of her car while dismissing my offers of delivery. A young couple wanted a big picture for their new house and found what they wanted. They paid the money, put down the hood on their convertible  and drove off with it in the back seat sticking way up in the air.
On another occasion an elegant woman bought a 7' x 5' piece and wanted it upstairs. We took it off the canvas and rolled it all up, dismantled the frame and then reassembled it all upstairs and hung it on the landing, I am sure it is still there now.
So here's to some 'big' pictures on Saturday!

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