Saturday, March 20, 2010

Powerful, brooding and speaking of the earth's power

I love Graham Sutherland.  In Eastbourne's shiny new Towner Gallery there is an Exhibition organized by Tate St Ives called Dark Monarch. Within this Exhibition there are a number of Sutherlands, oils, watercolours and etchings. They are as ever, powerful, brooding, speaking of the earth's power and mystery. I examine them closely, unpicking the layers and underpainting. I stand back and feel the wave of feeling wash over me - I memorize them. I love Graham Sutherland.

Having no permission to reproduce Sutherland I offer you a Scarland, above is a study for Transferred Care, that in a real way links with Sutherland and his poetic vision of the land. 

Another person equally connected to the earth was in Eastbourne today, it was my old tutor from the RWS, Bob Barlett. Well his etching were, I had missed Bob in person by ten days. He always seems to stand where the land meets the sea. No less so in this small show of his beautiful work at the emma mason gallery. 

Leaving Eastbourne we climbed up and over the South Downs in the afternoon sun, these majestic mounds now took on a visionary cloak to my still heightened awareness.