Friday, March 19, 2010

a visual formula

This is stage 2 of the 'work' piece. It's beginning is gathering fruit or a similar labour. There is more to be done, a stage 3 and probably a 4th.

In 'The Worm Forgives the Plow' by John Stewart Collis, which is my current read he says, '. . .I begin to wonder if I can last out till dinner. At length the great moment came when we knocked off, and then I experienced a pleasure in just sitting down, and in eating cheese, such as I had never known before'. Much of work is toil and despite the many false dawns when we were promised the end of drudgery, it is in fact, still with us.

With this piece I am seeking to deliver work, the sensation of work, not a picture of people working. With Collis the cessation of toil describes toil, so with this, finding a visual formula that stands in as a description of toil is my brief.