Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The black book

I am preparing for the HEXAD show.
 This is a group artist show at the Greenstede Gallery in East Grinstead . West Sussex. 
I will show all the 'Manifestation' as a group on that occasion for the first and probably only time.
As a first installment I have scanned and uploaded all forty pages of what I call the 'black book' to Flickr  This 'black book' was the launching cradle of the Manifestation series and has eight coloured drawings or coloured ideas that relate to the five chosen actions.
The great discipline of such a book is that every page remains and cannot be discarded, giving a true record of the thinking at the time.
As the painting developed I did refer to these drawings, having the book open as I worked.
The book will be on display at the preview of the HEXAD show for anyone who is interested to see the genesis of works of this nature.