Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a formation of timeless energy

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I have an abiding love for old masters
Today saw me drawing in the NG, just like old times.

These three along with some 14C Italians are masters of design, Above all they master the drama of an angle. Sometimes hidden, subtle, yet deep and unsettling. To stand and examine the arrangement of these works by making small pencil analytic drawings is fascinating.
I found a mastery of format, colour balance and design, all fitted perfectly for its ultimate purpose. Mantegna with his three figures in a square format, oft repeated, always successful. Soft, powerful and memorable.

I walked briskly along the Embankment to Tate Modern, to allow the the Modern masters to  register alongside the 'after image' that remained with me. On level three I saw Three Dancers by Picasso, work by Bacon, and Motherwell. Their orchestration of the elements is the same, a formation of timeless energy.

There is more to be done,
as Toulouse Lautrec said so well, 'Onward, onward breadcrumb"