Monday, April 19, 2010

fresh week - fresh idea's

A morning spent thinking and reading.
I study the issue of moving on, building on the existing work and taking it to a new place.
Traditionally one always drew to develop ideas, but as I read around modern learning and teaching methods I sought a way to plan new variables.  By engaging in different disciplines I could be true to myself and expose myself to new inputs.
My base idea is 'table', the sub-divisions are metaphysical, domestic and intellectual/artistic.
Following this base concept I need achievable outcomes, an interface that the subconscious can attach values to as I work.
For the metaphysical I have begun on Esther's banquet, where three dined in dramatic circumstances, Esther, Xerxes and Haman. (bible, see Esther c7)
My exercise was to 'make' - using coloured paper from IKEA, I cut shapes and made a quick film. Watching it - I can feel a movement, an embryonic movement that is creative.