Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gormley, Beckett and John Tilbury

Back at the De La Warr Pavilion we get to see Critical Mass on the roof.
Experienced where land meets sea, there seems a heightened awareness of calamity in Anthony Gormley's  Critical Mass
The trauma of these petrified beings is palpable. 
One longs to restore them as in a fairy tale, but it is not possible. 
We leave them as we find them, a silent example.

We have also come to hear John Tilbury play Beckett.
I have knowledge of Beckett but I am not a student.

 . . . . . a late poem by Samuel Beckett
Go where never before
No sooner there than always there
No matter where never before
No sooner there than always there

This is our evening, it took us where we had never been before.
Tilbury's piano work is extraordinary, the intensity and created atmosphere was unusual.
Tilbury's film . . . . but the clouds, was very moving, powerful in its repetitious simplicity.
(sadly projected in the wrong format)
The last 55" solo piece Worstward Ho was the most difficult, (some people even walked out)
I confess to be baffled, But it will take me back to Beckett, not having read the text, Beckett's novella of the same name, I was ill prepared to grasp the work. I need a copy before the music fades in my mind.