Tuesday, May 11, 2010

head hunting


The development of ideas can be a slow business.
They cannot be rushed.
The drawing shown could be a bust, it is the most likely candidate from the batch of drawings from yesterday evening. 
I would like them to emanate from considerations of self referencing and self awareness, those elements peculiar to humans. More reading around this will help, along with a better understanding of the theory.  
I continue to draw - aware of what I do not want - searching for elements that resonate with me.
The recognition of embryonic ideas is as much the skill as is the drawing of them.

The function of a head.
The experience of having a head.
A schematic diagram of a head
A symbol of a head
The embodiment of life in a head.
The senses revealed in a head.
The humanity of a head.
The gyroscopic head.
The nobility of a head
and on and on . . . . .