Monday, May 24, 2010

Hot days and creativity

This Torso was painted last Saturday evening as a sort of tailpiece of the day.
It was taken from a series of drawings dating around 2005.
Hanging carelessly on the studio wall, me and the painting have eyed one another on a daily basis. Neither of us have said anything.

The task I set myself for today was to confront two 60"x15" panels, decide how to paint the two sisters on the two panels. Hot weather for me does not encourage creativity in me. I worked for some time without success. 
Then, late afternoon, this Torso took my attention, it returned me to the 2005 drawings and the fierce painting from last week.
After supper I roughly placed some neat and dilute red oxide primer on the two canvases with a nod in the direction of my selection of drawings from the day, washed up and locked up.

they say it will be cooler tomorrow