Wednesday, August 18, 2010

attracted by awfulness

I need easy today, no mountains today.
Some plates that await completion are attended to and now only need to be glazed.

the 'sisters' are calling for more black
I give them more black and they are quiet

during the night I had clearer thoughts about my work
that the shelter, folds and circles are my work.
I experienced a warmth of conviction that comforted me,
I am carried forwards.

tea, grandchildren and books. time passes.
five extra for supper a pleasant noisy change.

Dusk: and only two of Dr Pasang Yonten's Tibetan flower incense sticks left,
must, must order some more . . . . . I light one anyway
Dr Yonten's potion mixes with the turpentine in the air as I make some drawings.

The first is a tonal charcoal and unremarkable,
the last is as above, a wildness has at last entered - energy is evident
it's awfulness attracts me