Saturday, August 21, 2010

a sunny place in my thinking

a new file 6.00pm Saturday (an opportunity slot)
Soundtrack - Peteris Vasks  'Message'

8.00 and Vasks has run his course and it is quiet.

My objective was to enjoy the experience of painting,
as one would on a Saturday night, (out)

The fold, circle and now the wing. 
These are deeply rooted in me.
Above is a drawing of 'the open cube' from around 2005
it is a variation of the fold that engages me now
This evenings attempt at a 'fold' has not worked,
I will erase all trace in a moment, it is trapped in the geometric.

I believe that eventually, with total commitment, a transmutation from the geometric to the emotional can and will occur. 

To bring about this transmutation I shall cease trying to make them palatable or comprehensible. They will be allocated a sunny place in my thinking and whatever resources they need. Meantime painting more familiar work will maintain a continuity that stability requires.