Monday, August 16, 2010

The healing wing

showing here is a watercolour study, 
painted in response to the text 'the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in his wings'. 
this one of two.
I am considering the pair.

notes for mon 16

I revise 'settlement' from sat,.
to find the colour between something and nothing
the mind wants concrete and I want joy
what is the colour of joy?

I put it aside. 8.20

not. it grins at me looking like a theme park
it is irredeemable
it is gone now and I am placated

has 'top gear' become an artform
I am between max and capsize

a revision of the healing wing theme by painting 2 W/C. it is a possibility
C+M for lunch - v. pleasant.
tea and looking and nothing 6.45

7.00 Coltrane now plays 'a love supreme'
I make something happen - oil out - falling into a painting
It's ok, I do no damage to it, I find a few new colours that work
we eat corn on the cob hot with butter
relief is present