Friday, August 27, 2010

home and abroad

12.55 already - the fantastic Nina Simone sings 'My Baby just cares for me' as mood projector for me
Conil Beach is the order of the day

- how sweet it would if I found I could fly -  Nina just sang that line in the lyric! 
so John, time to fly.  
After an hour or so of working steadily I am pleased with it. 
Being pleased with work is unsettling - It needs time to mature in my thinking.

Settlement is the next task, 

Sitting six yards back with my eyes closed I open them now and again to see Settlement, and judge which colours do not please me then close them again. 
There is no thought or analysis, just 'what pleases me and what does not'. 

I cannot say if this judgement is objective or subjective for I know it is a landscape called Settlement. I am aware the judgement has a context but it happens without time for comparison - eyes shut - eyes open - answer. The upshot is that two thirds of the piece is to be discarded.   

As Toulouse Lautrec said 'Onward breadcrumb'

6.35  with the revisions in place, it has an English mark on it, just as Conil beach is unmistakable Spain. This placing is important, an unspoken identity. 

Needless to say, I thought annotation was unnecessary.