Monday, August 30, 2010

"I saw Billy today"

Mon, Early rise and walk in the morning sun - crisp and clear.

I look at today's work, 
A new day tells me the canvas is too complex, too realistic and has too many colours. With that decided, it is a matter of correcting the flaws. 

The avoidance of cleverness throws me back on to sharing sensation. Pigment like poetry has direct access to the nervous system. Spare me Art as eye candy, give me the power of human emotion laid out in colour. This is the currency. This is real work.

A high energy session with a massive rework - now in higher key and complicated in a simpler way. (above)

The last U2 track fades and I rest. Hunger nudges and I respond.   
a little ham in some brown bread, blackberries in a trifle, then a smidge of dark chocolate and coffee solves the problem.
in the midday sun I mow grass and save rocket seed from dry pods into a pot.

Studio: rejecting a temptation to 'tidy up' my mornings work it is put to one side.
'Shoreham beach' is in need of attention.
This is the third attempt at this piece. The 13 figures are are adjusted in black outline before a re-appraisal of the colour. This done two colours are 'knocked up' on the pallet to the appropriate hue and applied to sky and beach respectively.

The 'healing wing' image is much on my mind. I work it and rework it in the early hours, I must attempt it again this week. It is a work of human emotion, a metaphysical projection of love and response. Art as a vehicle is suitable but a tall order for this artist.