Saturday, August 28, 2010

tis enough for one saturday!

Saturday 10.00am

I want to be unencumbered, without weights and restraints in order to paint and draw freely. A sort of innocence, without utilities or clothes. Removing the baggage of the mind is different to removing clothes, if only it were that simple.

As Chaucer points out to me 'joy is only understood with sorrow' thus Freedom only has meaning within order. There is much rhetoric abroad about one being comfortable with oneself but I wonder if it is really so. Furthermore, if we had accord would that then become bland?

Tension, tension is the stuff of life itself. Perhaps conceit is the enemy along with lethargy that hold me by the feet. 
I have here a large landscape but it displeases me, Ha, destruction is so therapeutic.

New - > cut the ties - feel the lift beneath the wings

Plan: colour a large white chalk drawing I have just made
Music: African Ballads  
Colours: black, unbleached titanium, cadmium red and yellow ochre.
Result: powerful but ill conceived, now erased

Plan: repaint without red and its symbolism - (maybe a minor red as a tension) 
less realism - more mass
Music:      Uj Patria  Transylvanian Village music
Colours: black, unbleached titanium and yellow ochre.
Result: unsatisfactory. erased

Plan: a paper model
Music: John Coltrane: A love supreme  
Colours: White paper and black conte
Result: amusement - a Gagosian moment

Plan: repaint: reduce/remove realism
Music: John Coltrane: A love supreme  
Colours: unbleached titanium, cadmium red and cadmium yellow and cobalt turquoise (latter rejected and black re-incorporated) + naples yellow and cobalt orange
Result: muted warm and engaging. It pleases me! (today)   4.50pm 

then a TV WW2 film  and an Indian in the old town - tis enough for one saturday!