Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two bowls of fruit

Wednesday 11.05 am
There is an airlock between not painting and painting. A change of visionary atmosphere has to be achieved, one that is punctured so easily by the non painting world.

Work this morning is a medium size oil of two women cooking from which the top bowl of fruit is taken.
I am reminded of Georges Braque's maxim - 'To define a thing is to replace it with its definition'
A sort of realism is required, for correctness is the suffocation of life. I look for an inverted reflection that works in an inexplicable way, not a thing one can plan rather the truth Frank Auerbach recalls of Bomberg when teaching at Borough Polytechnic, his persuading them to 'instil a sense of the quality of form'.

Then after making adjustments a ballet piece of Troilus and Criseyde (featuring the lower bowl of fruit) that has been against the wall for some time, a drawing of Arbor Low in Derbyshire comes to my attention. Clearing my palette of remaining pinks, reds and a few darks I translate the drawing on to a primed board that was already coloured red. This landscape is already taking on borrowed looks, I will need to find that 'sense of the quality of form' that Bomberg spoke of instead of the predictable 'used up' solutions that feature in so many commercial landscapes.

Beyond the hiss of the airlock I hear the TV and the non painting world looms again.