Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the whiff of a minotaur

The mercurial elements that make a piece remarkable are evasive.
That special tension is about as rare as a minotaur in the garden 

A revisions to 'two tables'
bored with the mediocrity of it
nervous about damage to it
the boredom overtakes the nerves

I remove the pretty sky
encouraged I have a sandwich and check emails

Matisse! and the painting of an undark lightless patch.
convincing colour has a trillion variables
where neither system or luck holds good
theories are a quicksand - only intuition holds

3.18pm everything done so far is wrong, 
but everything is right - for I have broken its 'dominant prettiness'
and I have the reins again - I am bigger than my work!

finally: only red will do.  
A full on modulation of Cad.Red light and Cad.Red deep.
In turn this red will disallow any half-hearted work next time.
(I catch the whiff of a minotaur as I leave the studio - but that is all)