Friday, September 17, 2010

The approval of Klaas

Troilus and Criseyde have been given a space to be in. Before there was no space, they were suspended, in time and space. Now they inhabit a deep green space. But they themselves are flat.

I talked with my friend Klaas over coffee this morning about politics and religion. He often calls by, today he complains about the shortage of people to talk to, 'nobody thinks anymore' he says and he is bored. There is only shallow content with the retailing of trivial pre-digested soundbites.

Troilus is flat in my picture, I could give him form, I could make him round, or at least an illusion of roundness for my picture is flat with an illusion of depth. He can be flat or round according to my thinking. 
I want some truth, some substance in my work, but what truth is there in an illusion (a lie).
Picasso said 'Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.' 
This sounds a paradoxical maxim.
I am pleased with pictures that pose questions as this does.

Klaas wanted to see more passion in people's concepts, a passion that would translate into rigorous thinking and conversation.
I hope Klaas approves of my Troilus