Friday, September 24, 2010

avoiding cute

it's easy not to work!

Rabbit+cabbage, wine, warm autumn (apples and raisins) compote, dark chocolate and coffee all tend to reduce available energies from the mature man in the evening.

So, crank up the old Eurythmics CD, type and work standing up, get excited and refuse to roll over.

Put new colours out, believe - sing and dance - lo & behold, stuff happens!

I have a headless woman. The only painting task before the new show is is to give this particular woman a head! 
It doesn't sound much but heads are tricky. Heads say a lot.
I can easily stray over other areas to compensate for wrong moves and it can all hit the fan.
So, relax, let the paint speak.

I have a head and a face. Eyes would not work so I settled for a mouth. All a bit off key which reduces sweetness quite well. (the dreaded cute rushes in behind sweet)

size: head = 25mm