Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lost lovers

About five years ago I sketched and painted some ideas about Romeo and Juliet. Part of the project was an oil sketch had been lost for some time, well to be truthful, half of it had been lost. It annoyed me, so much so that more than once I hunted for the missing sections.
Today, to my great pleasure, they appeared from behind some old canvases.

The idea in the drawing is to map the passionate narrative of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Using oil sticks on primed MDF I traced my response to its rising exuberance and through to the bleak end. 

There would not have been any planned scheme or tested iconography - instead by reading the play and imbibing the sensations I would have approached the panels with the desire to translate my feelings into colour and line. 

I am not sure that the theories in yesterdays 'hard book' will help in a creative prospective way even if one can understand retrospectively what happens with the viewers apprehension of the work. How I put down emotion must I believe remain a mystery to be the most authentic.  

This sketch will have a place in next weeks show - see it there!