Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Narrative instead

12.30pm I have a seven hour session. quiet solitude to summon the creative spirit.

As closed units we rely on communication, mainly language written or spoken, to reach out to other units. Aural is one thing aroma is another. If describing aroma with language one is reduced to parallels and associations. It is a poor translation or description of the power of smell.
Likewise conceiving an artistic communication is not assisted by passing it through the brain, it is a perception and as such it flows from me by my being me and you receive it by being you. Language is redundant. Colour and line are an emotional shorthand.
Art is not a domestic pet, it is more like a deer or a unicorn in a wood. Now you see it now you don't.
I am not able to whistle up a unicorn, all I can do is venture into the wood . . . . . 

I spend some time in the wood.

Insofar that we live in linear time, love too must have a linear aspect and yet it is a constant.  in our experience this constant is manifested as a narrative. Therefore in these late moves on this panoramic canvas about love I choose 'A narrative of love' as its title for today.
The piece defies comprehension. I just cannot bring myself to destroy it, so it stays as a homage to love.