Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reading hard books

'awareness' by John Scarland

I am reading a book: quite a hard book.
In fact it is my second attempt to read it and master it.
The book is 'Art as a Social System' by Niklas Luhmann.

Just how do pictures work as communication tools?

Our internal mechanisms for self awareness and self referencing are sealed.
They just work. Seeing is about a making complete reconstruction of the external reality within the brain, all the time, for ourselves. We are sophisticated islands.

Intelligence with language, builds bridges of communication between these islands on one level. Perception and by extension, sensation, use the greater part of our brain power and have the major antenna up to receive other communication systems. Art is not a language based communication system, it is a sense based system even though it is talked about endlessly. Its function is a wordless transmission of sensation. 

Pictures themselves are a strange phenomena. They are emotional representations in two a dimensional form that are made and consumed by remote persons.

My book seeks to examine this in some depth.
Will I be better for unravelling these tangled threads: I am not sure.

I am fascinated when at an exhibition I observe the very different responses that happen and a little more understanding will amuse me.