Friday, October 22, 2010

Barbara Hepworth

Visiting the Hepworth studio and garden was not what I expected. I went because I was in St Ives and it came bundled in with the Tate entrance ticket.  But I was surprised as I stepped into this little world.

It was so small, personal and homely. The trees in the garden now rather too big in scale for the sculptures, almost hiding them, giving the place an unpretentious feel.
The large stock of marble waiting to be used, ordered in by the elderly Hepworth was a lesson in itself. Her industry and determination was palpable.

Her work that always contained a sense of being open and enclosed at the same time chimed with me and some of my forms. The soft organic curves have warmth and energy that reflect the female maker. There is no senses of weakness, they are strong, resolved and complete. Very satisfying. 

I felt encouraged and strengthened by the hour in her rooms, that even after so many years in silence, spoke to me.