Friday, October 29, 2010

Leigh Oberle

Notes to myself before drawing Leigh Oberle

stretches of different sorts
enforced immobility
command v woman
pronounced sternum
(above the breasts)
waistband cuts
distinctive fingers and toes
Mrs. Oberle
her mother
a child
a developed child
knuckles - elbows - wrists - sternum
(hard points)
(plus cheek nose chin)
soft meets soft
body to chair
'placed' soft!
well observed - lifeless
life study
dead life   still life
no life
cream - white - flesh - hair - chair
equal the parts  not the life
the attempt to fix time
- to stop life
she breathes and time passes
the static form a substitute for life
the soft/hard form is woman/mother
the mobile soft hard form is woman
seams over breasts
buttons over belly
feet to run, hands to do
the effort of being still
fighting natural movement
(wherein is life)
how to draw life
'frozen' movement
frozen life is cold
'caught' (trapped more like)
The eye is a stupid organ
the servant of the mind
how to decode the messages
passed from eye to brain
to tap the depths of the optic message
to draw the minds function
cleverness - inventiveness - originality
but is it possible
to fix the woman on the page
the vision (Leigh) is common to all
but only I see Leigh as I do
my drawing is more convention and me
than Leigh
yet my view of Leigh is . . . .
           me  +  Leigh
'view' is not then optics but personal
dissatisfaction with optics + mannerisms
I’m to draw the minds perception
not the image on the retina
seeing, is this chemical/electrical
never the less based on experience
                   retinal experience!
the dream is a chemical re-run
                   of a retinal image
the mind adds to vision experience/emotion
it screens complex vision then adds
much exp. and em.sourced in first instance from retina
stored retinal images
they are added direct without playback to give total image experience

object then is to induce the mind to playback previous retinal tapes + add in to vision!

John Scarland
East Grinstead