Saturday, October 23, 2010

Peter Lanyon

solo flight 1960

Peter Lanyon at the Tate

By a wonderful co-incidence, the Peter Lanyon exhibition opened at the Tate just as we arrived. As a St Ives man he was at one with the Penwith Peninsular - landscape as such was his thing. 
The rugged land, irregular enclosures for fields, mines beneath, while above the wind blows and birds hang on the rising air around granite stacks at the bottom of the cliff. 
This was the source material for these powerful works that we witnessed on the walls.
Trevalgan, St Just, Botallak were the titles, we saw these places and felt the power of the place and the works.
Here was another man engrossed, immersed and devoted to his calling.

. . . making the transition from place to paint is painful, but sublime.