Saturday, October 16, 2010

Teaching art

Saturday dawned cloudy.
This afternoon I am booked to demonstrate oil painting.
How can this be done?
It is not a performance, it is serious.

I am still booked, how to do it?
My chosen subject is 'urban landscape'
I trawl my files and select the M2 at Rochester as above
with the car loaded I travel to the coast.

The hall fills up.
I discover I have left my palette in the studio!
so I must improvise
when introduced - they clap (I am uncomfortable)

I explain the impossibility of the task
all I can do is put some colours down
 . . then one or two ask questions
and others go to sleep.

I mix colours and apply it with a rag
within a bowl it is made thinner . . 
They are silent, too silent.
but enough magic occurs to give me confidence

Half time - my tea is served
A few really appreciate the approach
some are excited
I am relieved

Oil sticks rescue the piece with drizzled turps.
they clap (again)
I smile and nod - then I retreat with dirty brushes
and this image.