Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back to #13

Last Monday I worked on this idea and made a good start
on reflection I considered it too open and horizontal in appearance
The early ink drawing suggested a tighter, upright form.
I worked through 40-50 drawings to re-work the idea to very little avail, hence my rather unproductive day yesterday.

I made this revision today, late afternoon after reducing the idea to 4 pieces.
It still remains wrong, just wrong.

I took a knife and cut away the triangle reducing it to 3 pieces, and with a pencil scribbled another 5 extensions to the problem, one of which is reproduced below.

On reflection I have serious reservations about the suggestion of arms and a bowed figure, but the reduction as a general idea pleases me.
More drawings, another model and a colour revision is tomorrows task  

I must revisit the text (Psalms) to imbibe the sense, to fill up with a feeling that can be poured out in form.