Thursday, November 11, 2010

embryonic drawing

psalm : drawing #43

Following on from yesterdays work on the new psalm project
I go to work on completing the book of ideas.

A wild and wet morning blows around the studio
Keith Jarrett plays Bach, I light the incense and decant some Indian ink.

With a view to sculpture, I still hold on to a conceptual approach with the work in hand leaving the translation into an object until later. 

The making of new is easily spoiled by looking sideways at solutions other artists have found. Although I have referred to David Smith and Anthony Caro this morning, but I kept my embryonic drawing flowing from within.

I read more of the text and tried in to overlay its sense with my sense and then continue work believing that consciousness to be enough to guide my hand. 

I now have 45 visual thoughts to consider over the coming days.
some will prove more useful than others.