Monday, November 22, 2010

Psalm response

This is drawing #13 from the idea book
one of five I have selected to work from
It has that curving ascendancy that I like.
A suggestion of dynamic forms that look promising.
I make some working drawings

Here with a certain amount of liberty I revise with the possibilities of construction in mind. It is now an assembled construction as apposed to a carved form, but its subsequent lightness is acceptable.
Size and colour unresolved I move on to make a model.

Using wood, card and a glue gun I assemble a small prototype so I can view it in the round. 
My assessment must compare the model with my original response to the Psalm and judge its success in that context rather than being carried away with its latest form.
My first thoughts are positive, but I will put it to one side while I develop the next four to this stage and judge the group together.