Monday, December 13, 2010


With the drawings complete I make up two canvases about 80cm square, primed Irish Linen and laid on a 6mm ply base in the way I have always done it. This feels good, the preparation of a proper ground in itself gives me confidence in the work.
I continue to make changes, with the chequers above gaining a standing figure behind to widen interest in the group and lift the back to a more diamond shape formed by the figures.
The drawing was indian ink on the white canvas, then transparent oil colours adding a tonal effusion of light and space. 
This work shows me the way ahead. While this paint dries I will revert to more studies in order to 'compress' the composition, to drive up those people I am beginning to be familiar with. By 'drive up' I mean the alter them in a way that may lift our awareness of the human dynamics while stepping away from the level of realism present.