Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lewes Castle 2008

Today has been minor jobs and cleaning up
but here is and etching and a few words about Lewes Castle

(thoughts on visiting Lewes castle)

Up tar-macadam ramps, and over granite sets
through little squares with ancient trees in gentle iron-work.
Polished flints by chalky whites 
contained in leaning quoins lead up and on.
here Hellebores are freshly mulched
instead of hallebardes, 
that clash,
are thinly painted on the wall, in lofty chambers
up the mended stair.
The yellow sun slips in a narrow pane, illuminates 
the deep reveals. 
The watery light is now absorbed by soft distemper resting
on the wall. The gates 
will close at twilight, said the sign.
The mound, together with the distant downs 
will see the evening star.