Friday, December 3, 2010

First thoughts

figure study with chequers . charcoal . 60cm x 60cm

To counter a creative dead end I turn to a natural model for me; figures in an interior.
I had recently drawn on a lost scrap of paper two men playing bar skittles and it had amused me.
Remembering this while comparing Kitaj and Giotto (as you do) along with some other low relief carvings from the 11thC I saw in the Wallace Collection (below) that took my eye I took up a piece of charcoal. This is one of a few studies I did early this evening in an effort to 'place' the figures in an interesting and meaningful way. These figures are freely drawn from my imagination and undergo continuous revision.
I am at the moment running with two ideas, this one of three figures and Chequers the other with five/six figures and bar skittles.