Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stripping back

#13, galvanized steel and copper  h.22cm

Late morning and I was back re-drawing #13 again and again.
My initial ink study 01 (bottom) has the core rectangle supported at an angle, and this 'support' is something of a bear hug, too locked, too trapped.
Yesterday's late removal of the triangle was a greater breakthrough than I had realized, leaving me with fewer pieces in a vertical 'bunch' 
Many small exploratory drawings later I managed this biro sketch in the margin (below) that seemed to suggest movement & support.  From this I made the model above from sheet galvanized steel and copper rod (lengths and hole positions need revision) with some success.
Now with just two pieces the work has a greater clarity and with less of that deconstruction chaos.

#13 biro thumbnail sketch

#13 initial ink study