Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Art: wider applications

Painting or Drawing is a series of choices
How we limit those choices or what criteria we apply to those choices shape what we do.

Today I resume work on my new website which is an art form that involves more choices than usual. The primary choice is to use Joomla, a 'content management system' that will deliver text and images to the viewer in a more flexible way. Then there is the serious question of style, and here choices are infinite. My aim is for a simple uncluttered look but then each element has to work even harder and proportions have to be just right. I recall Le Corbusier and his rant against decoration that he deemed unnecessary, his Law of Riplolin was 'paint it all white and if the proportions hold up no more is needed'. Getting those proportions right is not easy -  It just looks easy when it is right.