Thursday, January 20, 2011

'Gap in the fence' from Blurb Books

The Book
More recent readers may not be aware of this 118 page book about some of the main themes in my earlier work - this viewer shows the first 15 pages as a taster. There are distinct chapters on various groups of ideas revealing how these threads were connected and developed.
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Gap in the fence by John Scarland | Make Your Own Book

Gap in the Fence by John Scarland

I lay in the dry grass high above the English Channel, it is very warm. 
Ruth, lying in the sun reads her novel while I hold a new drawing book in my hand.
I make a drawing of the wide prospect beyond, then, mildly bored I begin to draw myself, not how I appear - but how I feel.
For some reason I draw myself in a narrow space. 
There were two drawings in my book as we left, one of the distant sea and one of myself.
Walking home - I glimpse other forms within myself, forms that will soon come to light, it is as if I lean against the door post of my own awareness, while bright visual packages are passed to and from the mind, 
For me it is an unexpected prospect.
For twenty years I had worked as a carpenter, making all sorts of things from wood as requested by the client.
My mind and hands were adept at translating two dimensional drawings into solid forms, 
Now life is about the opposite - it is about rendering objects as drawings, 
A reverse mapping if you like, of the undulating land or my shy interior forms. 
This book is about a carpenter’s reverse mappings that have occurred since that day by the sea.