Thursday, January 13, 2011

January Sales

As an artist, income is very intermittent. Having worked as an artist for twenty years one becomes adjusted to the way things are. Even so, a cheque in the post is an event, two cheques even better!
Redleaf Gallery, that smart little galley in Tunbridge Wells have sold two pieces, 'Girls walking" shown above along with  'Drama at dinner' below, were sold just before Christmas. The Preview at Redleaf only just occurred due the awful weather, but a couple were lured to Castle Street to view 'Girls walking' by the glowing colours on the Exhibition flyer and money changed hands.

Caterham Galleries have been seeing steady sales and before Christmas found a new owner for 'swan' - a charcoal that pictures a piece of classical ballet.  

The icing on the cake for January was Nettie Iles from Rochester inviting me out for lunch to discuss plans for 2011! I think the first time in twenty years a gallery owner has bought me a lunch, making the scallops more enjoyable than usual.