Monday, January 10, 2011

Lion King and the V&A

An integral part of having grandchildren is the occasional trip out. I have been wanting to see the Lion King for some time and have now booked the tickets. Not a fan of the musical as an art form, the sheer spectacle and power of what LK trailers I have seen enchant me. 
First up on the day must be a look at the costumes in the V&A . The extraordinary quality of design and execution has earned them a place in this world class museum. To the colouring, stitching and beading close up will be fascinating. 
The clever puppetry is part and parcel of the show. Above is the Hornbill with a simple rod and trigger to manipulate the head but other shadow effects have up to five puppeteers. I found a video clip of this particular bird being painted and the patient assembly is only a fraction of what must be an enormous industry.
The actual show with full sound, animals in the aisles and the full on Pan African effect will be phenomenal. I am rather looking forward to it (my grandchildren tell they are as well)