Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Office work

From time to time old work of mine turns up on the internet and often triggers memories of work and projects long forgotten.
Through the services of the good Tony Roberts of Cider House Galleries in Bletchingly I began work on some large art installations for an office reception area. Actaeon  in the gouache draft above was part of my thinking and this was to form one of three large panels at ceiling height and each to be about 2-3M high.  For the waiting area I had planned a screen that protruded from the wall with another cut out relief image of Actaeon with a further huge 4 metre wide painting above.
The office in question was very sales orientated, and it was for this reason I chose the theme of Actaeon the hunter (salesman). That Actaeon was changed by Diana into the likeness of his own quarry (a stag) and then chased and eaten by his own hounds amused me but in turn may not have helped my popularity with the patron.
The gouache above was a draft for one of these unpainted works and I thought little else remained  until yesterday I was alerted to Cider House Galleries offering for sale again the large   work that was painted and installed in the mid 90s. They have it as 'Breaking out' but I have no recollection of such a title. I saw it as a more visionary motivational piece for people within office walls day after day. Shown below it was much liked by the staff when I went in to hang it so that was reward in itself. 
Should you have space at home for this dream painting, call Tony . . . . .