Monday, January 31, 2011

progressive colour

Painting is a progression, it builds on layers, there are a series of stages involved.
This is stage 4.
When faced with stage 3, stage 4 was an unknown. But when we see stage 4, (above) we cannot imagine how stage 5 will be, and so on.

I stood by the fire for nearly an hour, contemplating possibilities.  With earlier sketches in my hand I redrew the back three figure lightly in compressed charcoal. Having already decided to use a medium blue behind, I painted the figures loosely in mixtures of raw Sienna and Naples Yellow.

The blue, when applied, changed everything, working against the pink and foreground turquoise. I revisited the oil sketch prepared to inform the reworking of the yellow seated figure, this was in turn part painted again, leaving it unfinished is important to me at this moment. I adjust some incidental greens and oranges and stand back to reconsider the whole.

Aware of the danger that I was unsure what to do next I put it to one side. I have stage 4 and cannot imagine stage 5, all I know is it is not for today.  I leave it to work on other things.