Thursday, January 27, 2011

stepping stones

Some time ago I painted some plates, as they were quite enjoyable, I called them Summer plates. The white drizzle painting above is the base layer of a little suite of three new plates that occurred this afternoon.

Now I had in mind to make some black plates, with a design that as yet I was unaware. In my studio there has been a stone jar (below) of African origin that pleases me very much with its simple tribal scratched design. It sits quietly and is just there all the time.

Add to this a commission from my son (the framer called Oyster) to make four new display supports for Mount samples to use in his now refurbished workshop. After a few false starts I came up with the design you can see below. The simple shapes will identify which set is which for quick selection as he discusses his clients needs. They are varnished emulsion on ply.

Now add to these thoughts my You Tube video 'Changing Heads'  and you can see some pattern emerging. Small wonder today I delved into the box of unpainted plates, mixed some off white emulsion to the right viscosity and quickly executed the design for the new black plates. Layers of black gesso with follow - I see them already.