Monday, February 7, 2011

The Black Plate development

To paint a plate is an interesting diversion for me. Looking back in time there are so many brilliant works on ceramics that to attempt it is very daunting, but nothing ventured nothing gained.
Leaping, the motif on this plate is a revival on an idea I used in the 90's was, I thought, well suited to the circular format. This example was achieved with emulsion paint drizzled on the terra cotta pan (plate) using an off white colour that was in turn covered with three coats of black gesso. When rubbed back to reveal the drawing and lightly sealed it arrived at the stage we see above.
The satin finish of the sealer used does rather mimic a ceramic 'slip' in what appears to me,  an unsatisfactory way.  Using a matt seal instead, will I believe, uncouple them from that association and enable them to stand in their own strength.
This one works well in monochrome, another one with two standing figures may be improved with the addition of some raw sienna, While I consider the problem, I work elsewhere until I know.