Friday, February 4, 2011

Chequers, my next move.

This piece continues to engage me. Partly, because it is mysterious in its content. The figure arrangement seemed to dictate itself, apart from slight revisions the positions and gender remains the same. There is no implied message as far as I am concerned that the males(?) appear to be playing the game, it is incidental as far as this composition goes. I always wanted the left hand figure (gender?) to be disinterested. The woman behind holds a classic pose and could easily be smoking and some interaction is occurring between the right hand couple.

There is some ambiguity between the flatness of the background and the painted form of the figures which I feel adds some tension to the image. Most problematic during the painting was how to paint the figures, should clothes be drawn or not, what colours should they be? Also the vexed question of faces or no? The injection of dry colour to the backdrop forced milder hues into the figures and at this stage of development faces will make an appearance later.

Observations and responses to this and other works are welcome