Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Circle Dance drawing

I have had a request for a painting that has 'celebration' as a subject. Thinking this over for the last few days I concluded that this could be a possibility, and, after supper began a few trial drawings.
I draw small development sequences taking forward the items that please me. Early thoughts on music and instruments gave way to dancing figures, before long they moved into a circle dance formation and became so large they overfilled the space allotted. The subject is somewhat reminiscent of Matisse at this stage but I can live with that.
The idea of a circle dance appeals to me as a community thing as apposed to a performance, thus including all sorts of bodies and abilities in the dance. This is the heart of 'celebration', the inclusion of all regardless.
On the strength of this simple drawing I will prepare a canvas on which to transfer this idea and engage with colour as freely as possible.