Friday, February 11, 2011

Eugene Delacroix and my new drawings

While in Lewes recently I visited the secondhand bookseller A & Y Cumming and picked up a copy of Curt Badt's little book on Eugene Delacroix's drawings. It is an inspirational text about the work of a man who is regarded as one of the first 'moderns'. The author draws from Delacroix's own journal writings - speaking of 'inspirational rage', 'the preciseness of imagination' and 'without boldness, extreme boldness, no beauty can be discovered'. The book discusses passion joined to analysis and how Delacroix devised a new way of drawing by 'grasping the centre' and 'avoiding the outline' All very engaging material and it saw me reading and re-reading the old glossy pages that I had acquired for just a fiver.
    Filled with energy and optimism I began to draw, I am continuing development of the mother figure featured in a January post with a view to painting some larger oils next week.
    Check out the new drawings
A dedicated 'set' on flickr shows the six  new works to date.