Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Looking at the Land again

While in Derbyshire last year I made a number of drawings at three sites. They were Arbor Low Henge, A bend in a road, and a place called Brunt. I have four pencil revisions of my impression of this landscape while parked on the verge on a cold winter day, they are just simple line drawings. This prospect and the 'bend in the road' drawing remain with me, it is as if I must give it time and attempt to paint them both. Today I managed two A5 watercolours of which this is one. I have two S/H canvases that are this format, waiting propped against the wall.

The valley and the diamond shaped field is formal and balanced. The rendering is rather dated, but nevertheless pleasing. I need to think how an oil painting could work. It will I suspect need more watercolour studies to assist my thinking, to enable me to engage with these open spaces in a meaningful way.